Odile Gakire (Kiki) Katese. Photo by Dahlia Katz.
The Difference Your Support Makes

The Difference Your Support Makes

For over 50 years our loyal audiences and dedicated donors have empowered us to become a leading force in contemporary performance at home and abroad.

Canadian Stage is committed to providing continuity and increasing our support for artists and creators. With your participation, we can plan for the future of theatre and artmaking at Canadian Stage.

As a registered charity, donations from theatre lovers like you are vital. Generous support from our community accounts for one third of our operating budget. Every donation makes a difference. Your financial contributions allow us to:

Present boundary-breaking performances

Present boundary-breaking performances

Your support enables us to produce and present the highest calibre work across disciplines. Donations are essential to mounting robust and innovative seasons that excite, entertain, and enlighten audiences.

Red Sky Performance Dancers in AF. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Invest in artists and new work

Invest in artist development

We are committed to supporting the development of new work that strengthens our offerings of original Canadian performance for the large stage. We also provide space and support to burgeoning artists and smaller performing arts companies.

FIC Participants. Photo by Brianna Roye.

Grow community and accessibility

Grow community and accessibility

Dream in High Park is a community initiative that draws audience members from across the city to enjoy dance, music and theatre in our beautiful outdoor amphitheatre in High Park. It is a decades-old tradition only made possible through donations. Your support of our accessibility initiatives also helps provide discounted tickets and fund our education initiatives which aim to bring as many students to our theatres as possible to experience the best in live, contemporary performing arts.

High Park Audience Members. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

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