Brendan Healy - Artistic Director
Artistic Director
Brendan Healy
Monica Esteves - Executive Director
Executive Director
Monica Esteves


Artistic Director

Brendan Healy

Ext. 334

Executive Director

Monica Esteves

Ext. 266

Director of Finance and Administration

Beth Toombs

Ext. 280

Director of Development and Campaigns

Heather McMartin

Ext. 274

Director of Production and Facilities

Daniel Bennett

Ext. 285

Director of Marketing and Communications

Tanya Doroslovac

Ext. 232


Lynanne Sparrow

Ext. 271

Associate Artistic Director

Jordan Laffrenier

Ext. 244

Assistant Producer

Laurie Merredew

Ext. 277

Manager of Education and Community Engagement

Manuel Chaves

Ext. 243

Manager, Payroll Administration and HR Support

Sunitha Rai

Ext. 286

Senior Accountant

Kari Seppen

Ext. 304

Senior Manager, IT Services

Brian Parsons

Ext. 262


Associate Director, Corporate Giving and Partnerships

Leslie Francombe

Ext. 249

Senior Manager, Government Relations

Chris Faulkner

Ext. 272

Senior Manager, Individual Giving

Luisa Kurtz

Ext. 273

Manager, Special Events

Gillian Hoff

Ext. 358

Development Coordinator

Shaneill Floyd-Wlazlak

Ext. 275


Senior Marketing Manager, Loyalty & Growth

Shannon Tigert

Ext. 229

Senior Marketing Manager, New Audiences

Madison Zinger

Ext. 245

Ticketing and Audience Services Manager

Conor Copeland

Assistant Manager, Audience Services

Faisal Butt

Graphic and Digital Designer

Derek Ma

Senior Sales Specialist

Michael Crumpton

Ext. 240


Production & Site Manager

Meg Woods

Ext. 263

Technical Director

Brayden Crawford

Head of Properties

Mary Spyrakis

Ext. 294

Assistant Technical Director

Marshall Kidd

Ext. 276

Production Coordinator

Ian Kowalski

Head Technician

Josh Vlodarchyk

House Technician

Ben Junor

Building Operations Manager

Matthew Hadley

Ext. 265

Head of Wardrobe

Janet Pym

Properties Assistant

Chynah Philadelphia